Officer Responsibilities


· Leads the club’s Executive Committee

· Presides over all general club meetings

· Develops all meeting agendas

· Attend all council, district, and state meetings. The president of her alternate is a voting delegate at the annual state meeting.

·  Promote and participate in national, state, and local garden club projects

·  Be familiar with parliamentary procedure, club, and  state by-laws

·  Appoint committee chairmen

·  Make prompt reports to State President and District Director 

1. Send name and address of club president,  name of club, number of club members to the state executive secretary and district director.

2. Give Treasurer the state membership list form.  Ensure it is completed and mailed by deadline or after elections

·  Keep a president’s file of letters and information that aid in club work.  Keep notebook of all activities.  Pass all of this information along to    incoming president.  Urge committee chairmen to  keep similar notebooks to be given to successors.

·  Encourage members to attend meetings and participate in programs; abide by club by-laws and rules; be enthusiastic and well informed about

  aims and objectives of club; accept responsibility for assignments; be attentive; be loyal to club, and to order books through Member Services Catalog of National Council.

·  Encourage attendance at flower show schools, environmental education workshops, landscape design schools, etc.

 ·  Study awards offered by district, state,region and national councils with club awards chairman.

  Review procedures for award applications and make sure data is submitted on time.

·  Keep informed by reading National Gardener and West Virginia Garden News and encourage members to read them.  Important items from  these publications should be brought before club membership.

·  Secure and be familiar with a copy of the most recent edition of  the   West Virginia Garden Club Handbook.

·   Invite district director and council president to one of regular club meetings.



·  Serves on the club’s Executive Committee 

·  Assume all duties of president in absence or disability of that officer

·  Serve as chairman of program committee

·  Keep a tally of members’ judging points and present prizes to those with greatest number of points at the annual May luncheon (Horticulture,




·  Serves on the club’s Executive Committee

·  Be responsible for all official correspondence of club, including invitations for membership

·  Send thank you notes

·  Send birthday cards to members

·  Send club yearbook to state president and district director.



·  Serves on the club’s Executive Committee

·  Keep minutes of all club meetings.  Minutes should be correct, concise, and contain only action taken. They should be available to any club member.   

  Minutes should contain the following information in  

  the order given: 

a. Kind of meeting and name of club

b. Date, hour, place of meeting and number present.

c. Name and title of officer presiding

d. Whether minutes of previous meeting were read and approved or club voted to dispense with their reading

e. Recommendations of board of directors

f. Record of all motions passed, giving names of persons who made them.  (Do not give name of person seconding –merely note it was duly seconded)

g. All committee reports filed and recorded.

h. Speaker’s name (if there is one), title of program, or any activity.

i. Adjournment

j. It is sufficient to sign secretary’s name and title.  Do not use “respectfully submitted”

·  Complete minutes promptly and send a copy to the  president. Keep a copy for the files.

·  Record member attendance records.



·  Serves on the club’s Executive Committee 

·  Receive and deposit all funds in name of club 

·  Shall be authorized to sign checks for amounts approved by executive board or membership.

·  Establish a two-signatory account, with the club president being the other approved signatory.

·  Keep record, listing all receipts and expenditures

  as well as balance.  Be prepared to give brief financial report at each meeting, as well as an annual report at the end of the club year.  All

  vouchers, receipts, and bank statements should be  kept on file and promptly turned over to successor.

·  Collect club dues and other money from club projects, gifts,etc.

·  After election of officers, treasurer prepares annual budget for approval by Executive Committee

·  Send two copies of state membership list form received from the club president, with correct mailing addresses and West Virginia Garden Club

  dues to State Assistant Treasurer for each active and associate member.

·  Send all changes and corrections in names and mailing addresses as they occur to circulation manager of  West Virginia Garden News, always

   listing name of club, name and mailing address of member. There is a charge for each change of mailing address.