Guidelines for Exhibiting Daffodil or other bulb Specimens

Maximum Specimens Allowed 3

Select Plant Material

• Select specimens and condition early in morning of or late afternoon prior to exhibit

• Specimen must be grown by member and have been in member’s garden for at least 3 months

• Cut at peak of maturity - bloom ¾ open

• No dust dirt, pollen or evidence of pests or disease on bloom or stem


• Bottles should be of uniform size

• Green or brown bottles traditionally used.Clear glass enables stem to be visible and is now being used more

• No foliage, just stem

• Only one stem per container

• Stem must be visibly in water

• Stem must stand straight — insert wedging material

 Wedging material (boxwood preferred,clear saran wrap or bubble wrap acceptable) should be used to hold specimen upright

• Ridges on stem should be straight downsides, not twisted

• Stem length should be in proportion to the flower size

• Wedging material should be trimmed to be even with bottle top

• Division identification written on front of white strip attached to bottle

Exhibitor's name written on back of strip

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