Committee Responsibilities

AWARDS COMMITTEE: Members of this committee should:

1. Be familiar with all awards given out by NGC, WVGC, S-P District, and S-P Council

2. Determine which awards are more easily attainable by Gateway

3. Present selected awards to membership so members know which awards we are applying for. Some awards, although given to the club, are for individual achievements. Individual members may wish to apply for an award.

4.  Complete necessary paperwork and documentation and submit to the proper entity. A member applying for an individual award should complete her own documentation for the awards committee to submit.

The Chairman of the Projects Committee should be a member of this committee.


BERKELEY COUNTY COUNCIL:  Two members comprise this committee and represent Gateway at meetings of the Berkeley County Council, which meets four times a year. Officer duties for the Council are rotated among the clubs’ representatives.

The President of Gateway should be on this committee in addition to the club’s official representative.


BEAUTIFICATION COMMITTEE:  Members of this committee are in charge of organizing Gateway’s selection of nominees for the Berkeley County Council’s annual Beautification Awards and participating in the final selection of award recipients.

The official representative to the Berkeley County Council should chair this committee.


FINANCE/ WAYS AND MEANS:  Members of this committee are in charge of fundraising for Gateway, which is necessary for the club to function and to make contributions to the community. Ideas that this committee presents should be voted on by the membership.Money making projects should pertain to garden club activities.

The Treasurer of Gateway should serve as chairman of this committee.



Members of this committee represent Gateway on the Council and are in charge of obtaining a house for Gateway to show in alternating years, writing copy for the brochure, assigning flower arrangements to members, and any other duties that go along with this endeavor.

The President of Gateway should also serve as a representative to the Shenandoah-Potomac Council in addition to the committee members.


LIBRARY:  Members of this committee are responsible for coordinating the decoration of the Martinsburg Public Library prior to Christmas and taking down decorations afterwards.  This includes getting the decorations to and from the library and purchasing any decorations that might be needed in order to comply with a particular theme.


JUDGING:  Members of this committee are responsible for judging members’ flower arrangements according to standard judging criteria and assigning points for each participating member. 

The Vice President of Gateway should be on this committee since she is in charge of tallying member points.


TELEPHONE:  Members of this committee are responsible for telephoning members who do not have email access to advise them of meetings and other events. 


MEMBERSHIP:  Members of this committee are the club’s contact for prospective members.  They explain the function of Gateway, what responsibilities are required for a member, and answer any questions a prospective member may have.  Membership recommendations are sent to the chairman of this committee, who notifies the membership of receipt of are commendation.  Chairman assigns mentors to new members and schedules an orientation meeting for new members as needed.

PARLIAMENTARIAN:  This person is also a member of the Executive Board.  She renders opinions of parliamentary law and interprets the by-laws if necessary.


PHOTOGRAPHERS:  Members of this committee are responsible for taking photos at every Gateway meeting or event.  These photos should be sent to the Scrapbook chairman as soon as possible after each event.


PROGRAM:  Members of this committee meet by the end of February of each year to start planning programs for the upcoming year that begins in June.  The program calendar should be completed by the March meeting so the information may be provided to the Yearbook chairman in plenty of time to type and print the Yearbook.  Programs should be designed to fit the needs and interests of members as well as to address problems and opportunities of the local community.  Programs should be interesting and well-balanced.  The Vice President of Gateway is chairman of this committee.

PUBLICITY:  Publicity is important to Gateway in order to keep the community aware of our activities. Newspaper clippings also provide a record that can be placed in our scrapbook of activities. The Publicity Chairman is responsible for typing, assimilating facts, and providing the local newspaper(s) with properly prepared material.  Pictures should be submitted whenever possible.

SCRAPBOOK:  Only one member is on this committee.  Using photos submitted by the official club photographers and by other members in addition to newspaper clippings pertaining to Gateway, she compiles a scrapbook of each year’s events.  Each year begins in June and ends in May.  Each year’s scrapbook should be completed and presented at the annual summer picnic.

WEB MASTER / TECHNICAL:   Only one member is on this committee.   She is responsible for creating and maintaining the website by updating yearly with pertinent information.   She addresses any questions regarding technology and also maintains the Facebook page. 


YEARBOOK:  Only one member is on this committee.  She is responsible for designing the yearbook and compiling information that it contains. She is responsible for printing the yearbook and having it ready to present to members at the annual May luncheon.