Judging Rules

[1] Arrangements must be staged by12:30 p.m.

[2] Some fresh cut plant material must be used in all


[3] For educational purposes all materials used in

arrangements must be named as completely as possibly on a 3x5 card.

[4]The arranger may use a standard 3x5 card for any

explanation or interpretation of the entry. This

card is to be placed on the right front of the exhibit.

Write exhibitors name on the back of the card.

[5] IMPORTANT: If an exhibitor cannot place an

entry, the exhibitor must find a substitute and notify

  the Judging Committee.


[6]Ten extra points will be given for vegetables, fruits

or flowers grown by members and used in arrangements.  Be sure to write “grown by Exhibitor” on plant material card.


[7]The judging committee will also act as consultants

  concerning the schedule.


[8]All active members are encouraged to bring two

  (2) specimens and/or houseplants per year plus

  the assigned arrangements.


[9]The half of the members of the club having the

lowest combination of points will be responsible for the luncheon arrangements. That includes but not limited to: decorations, reservations and collection of all fees, etc.