Gateway Garden Club
Gateway Garden Club
of Martinsburg, West Virginia

    Meet Our Members:


    1. Bennett, Betty
    2. Campbell, Kathie
    3. Carpenter, Diana
    4. Childs, Judy
    5. Duke, Mary
    6. Geffert, Hannah
    7. Gerken, Kathy - Recording Secretary
    8. Gibson, Lynn - Corresponding Secretary
    9. Hayford, Mona - Treasurer
    10. Heck, Judy
    11. Humphreys, Peggy 
    12. Jacobs, Jean - President
    13. Meyer, Dricka
    14. Michael, Terri
    15. Palmer, Sue Ann
    16. Pugh, Judy
    17. Shepard, Barb - Vice President
    18. Strite, Ruhamah
    19. Yost, Donna

    Associate Members:

    Becker, Theoda
    Laborde, Barbara K.

    Mahavadi, Anna

    Young, Beverly

    Honorary Members:

    Bales, Angie
    Miller, Donna

    Phyllis Kogelschatz (obituary)

    Sarah Steptoe  (Obituary ) 



    22 Kathy Gerken


     4 Lynn Gibson
     7 Dricka Meyer
    10 Theoda Becker 


    21 Kathie Campbell


    10 Barbara Laborde
    17 Barbara Shepard
    22 Mary Duke

    25 Diana Carpenter


    13 Judy Pugh
    26  Anna Mahavadi 


     5 Terri Michael

     9 Mona Hayford


    14 Ruhamah Strite

    23 Gladys Alexander


    14 Judy Childs 



     7 Beverly Young

    19 Betty Bennett

    29 Angie Bales


     6 Donna Yost

    24 Hannah Geffert


    7 Jean Jacobs

    27 Judy Heck


    15 Sue Ann Palmer


    Current Members:

    Betty Bennett (2012)

    I joined Gateway in the summer of 2012.  I was invited to join by Sue Ann Palmer.  I am a retired teacher who has worked with every grade level except kindergarten unless you count teaching Sunday School.  My husband, Ray, and I have two daughters, two son-in-laws, and currently five grandchildren.  Number six is due in late December.  We spend a lot of our time in Media, PA and Fairfax, VA visiting our daughters and their families.  We also love auctions and yard sales.


    Kathie Campbell (2018)

    Kathie Cambell was born and raised outside of Philadelphia but has called Martinsburg home since 1979. She and her husband Jeff have two sons, Matthew and Scott, who are married with children. (Kathie has five very special grandchildren.)  She was invited to join Gateway by Mary Duke and Hannah Geffert.
    Kathie graduated from Shippensburg University and is a licensed social worker. She worked as a volunteer and employee for Hospice of the Panhandle for 25 years and has held social work positions with Panhandle Home Health, Shenandoah Community Health Center and Catholic Charities. Now happily retired she enjoys gardening, sewing, crafts, yoga, bicycling and volunteering with the BE-Hive. 

    Diana Carpenter (2003)
    Having been a garden club member since 2003, I have learned so much about gardening, flowers and the spirit of community service!  Donna Miller, my neighbor at the time, sponsored me after I retired from a career in education.  I love the feel of dirt in my hand and the peace that I have when I am outdoors enjoying nature. 


    Judy Childs (2011)
    I was invited into the Gateway Garden Club on June 9, 2011, as a guest of Judy Heck.  I am a graduate of Martinsburg High School, Shepherd College, B.A., and West Virginia University, M.A.


    Mary Duke (2016)
    Both teaching and gardening are high on my list of personal passions, so after I retired from teaching first grade at Ranson Elementary for 45 years, joining a garden club has been on my bucket list. Since I knew of Gateway’s active role in the community with the Children’s Garden,  and I knew a number of the members of this group, when Sue Ann Palmer invited me to join,  I decided Gateway would be a good fit for me. I look forward to the new friends I will make, all the new knowledge I will gain about flowers, arranging, and gardening, and having a good time as we work together in our endeavors.  
    My husband Walt and I met while attending Shepherd College, and we are the parents of two sons, one of whom is married and lives in N Wisconsin with our three wonderful grandchildren. Along with working with children and in my gardens, I enjoy traveling, being outdoors, and cooking.  Each year in May, Walt and I also enjoy attending the WV Wildflower Pilgrimage, which is sponsored by WV DNR and WV Garden Club, Inc.
    I am also a member of the Potomac Valley Audubon Society and the Berkeley County Herb Group, both of which have helped me learn more about nature, plants, esp. wild flowers, and appreciating the beauty and wonders of our world. 

    Hannah Geffert (2013)

    has been a member of Gateway Garden Club for two years.  She was brought into the club by Sue Ann Palmer.  She was particularly interested in working on the Children's Garden.  Hannah is an avid gardener and is working on making her backyard into a park.  When she is not gardening she works a WRNR as a co-host of Eastern Panhandle Talk and is a faculty member of Shepherd University.


    Kathy Gerken (2012)
    I joined Gateway in 2012 and was invited by Grace Vass.  I have always enjoyed gardening and was interested in getting involved with the community so Gateway was a good fit.  What I enjoy about gardening club is learning about a variety of topics from floral arranging,, composting, perennials to rain barrels.  I also enjoyed the bus trips and hope we do more.

    I am originally from NYC but have been in WV since 1978 so I’m almost a native.  I raised 3 wonderful sons who are scatter about in Lexington KY, Nashville TN and Martinsburg.  I also have 2 daughter in-laws and 3 grand babies – Oliver, Anna and Gigi.  I’m a computer geek and have worked at GM and  Berkeley County Adult Ed teaching computer classes.  I now work as a computer consultant in my company - Bitwit Systems but it is very part time.


    Lynn Gibson (2016)

    Joined Gateway Garden Club in 2016 upon the invitation of Terri Michael. My appeal to the club was that I have always loved gardening and have much more to learn.  I was particularly interested in the involvement this club has in the community. I moved here in 1972 and attended Martinsburg High School and graduated from WVU.  For 25 years I worked with Developmentally disabled children and adults which brought me much joy.  Life circumstances changed my direction and I am now working with my husband, Jeff Gibson in the life and health insurance business.  Jeff and I married late in life and have been married for 15 years.  We currently have one 4 footed fury child.  

    Mona Hayford (2013)

    Until I retired at the end of 2015, I worked at an engineering firm for 31 years, first as head accountant and working my way up to Treasurer.  Before retirement, because I was interested in learning how to garden, I contacted the WV Garden Club in late 2012 to find a club in Berkeley County.  They recommended Gateway as the best fit for me, and in early 2013 I attended my first meeting.  The WV Garden Club sure was right that Gateway was the best club for me.  I can’t imagine finding a group of women who have been as welcoming as my fellow club members.  In addition to gardening, my daughter and I make hand-bound books, and I plan to start quilting again - as soon as I get my work space organized.


    Judy Heck (2007)

    I think I've been in the club for about 6 to 8 years.  Diana Carpenter sponsored me. I helped with a House and Garden Tour before joining and then went on a day trip with club. Then I joined. 

    I've enjoyed this club, and the woman so very much.  It's been a life saver for me. A place to get away for an afternoon with laughs and fun.  Looking forward to many more years.


    Jean Jacobs (2012)
    My friend Judy Childs convinced me that after 33 years of teaching French, History and AP Government and Politics at Martinsburg High School, I should join Gateway Garden Club for a complete change of pace.  I have always enjoyed working outside and planting flowers.  Living in the woods, the shade and very plentiful deer present quite a challenge.  My husband Mike and I have been married 50 years.  We have one daughter Cathy and son-in-law Glenn who live in eastern Alabama whom we often visit.  The trips provide a completely new perspective and garden experiences in a different planting zone.  I enjoy the fellowship, cooperative attitude and friendliness of Gateway members.   

    Dricka Meyer (2010)

    I started the Gateway Garden club this coming month, October about five years ago thru the invitation of Susan Dudak Dean at her home.  I have learned a lot about gardening from the members and enjoy working with new and different plantings.


    Terri Michael. (2010)

    Married to George Michael for 48 years. Raised 4 children. Taught 31 years before retiring in 2010. Have lived in Berkeley County since 1981. Asked to join Gateway Garden Club by member Diana Carpenter in 2010. Have enjoyed being the club's Awards Chairman and Vice President. Things I have enjoyed about Gateway Garden  Club are: the friendships, involvement of civic projects, State Conventions, guest speakers, and just learning about the beauty of growing and arranging flowers.


    Sue Ann Palmer
    I have lived in Martinsburg my entire life.  I am married to my "high school sweetheart", Mark, and together we have raised our son, Chris and our daughter, Anne.  We are the grandparents of five children.   We have remodeled a number of houses and have always enjoyed the interesting homes shown on the spring House and Garden tour. When I retired from teaching, I visited several of the local  clubs and decided that Gateway Garden Club was a good one for me because I knew several ladies in the group.  Judy Heck, my longtime friend, was my sponsor.
    I love the projects that all of the clubs do in our area but I am particularly proud of our club's endeavors especially the children's garden that we are sponsoring at Ambrose Park.


    Judy Pugh (2013)was introduced into the club by Sue Ann Palmer.

    Barb Shepard (2017)

    I sought out membership in Gateway Garden Club when my husband and I relocated to Martinsburg.  Kathy Gerken was kind enough to sponsor my membership. I was looking for a way to build on my knowledge of gardening, get involved in the local community, meet some wonderful ladies and stay active. The Gateway Garden Club more than meets those needs, and I'm so happy to be a member!

    Ruhamah Strite (2003)
    I was born in Martinsburg, the bossy big sister of 3 brothers, graduated from Musselman HS and WV University with a B.S.H.E. degree, taught at Musselman HS for 3 years until Dick Strite arrived for his student teaching, stayed to teach the following year, we married and left for Falls Church Va 

    Most of my teaching in Fairfax County was in their huge Adult Education program. Our daughter Barbara lives in Potomac Falls but works for Fairfax County Schools. Our son David lives in Louisville,KY with his wife Lisa and our 2 grandchildren Matthew and Meghan. 

    For the second time in 2003 our home was on the House N Garden Tour shown this time by Gateway Garden Club, I worked hard to get our basement clean enough for the members to make the arrangements for the Saturday/Sunday tour. I met Donna Miller, Gladys Alexander, Jane Yearout Dorothy Hollida, Diana Carpenter, Barbara Laborde and decided Garden Club would be fun. 

    I  knew what  committee I wanted to be on, I wanted to be Gateway's representative to the Shenandoah Potomac Garden Council, I certainly didn't know then how difficult it is to talk owners into sharing their homes with 800 people. 

    Dick and I returned to Inwood and the stone house I grew up in 2000 and were able to do some remodeling. We have enjoyed hosting Gateway's picnics and hope we will be able to continue in 2016. My Mother lived in this house for 65 years


    Donna Yost  (2014)
    ....became a member of the Gateway Garden Club in May of 2014 after an invitation from Judy Pugh and seeing the proposed Children's Garden initiated by Sue Ann Palmer.  I enjoy nature, reading, sports, and traveling


    Associate Members:

    Beverly Young

    Barbara Arndt Laborde (1990)
    I have been a member of the Gateway Garden Club since April 1990.  Jodi Groves nominated me for membership but at the time she was an associate so Betty Cox finished the process.

    I joined and in May new officers were being put in place for the Berkeley County Council.  The Gateway members thought it would be a great experience for me to be the new president. (It was Gateway’s turn to be President.)

    New member and now I am president of the Council.  It was a great learning experience.

    I have held all offices and have been president of Gateway three times.

    I have enjoyed all the years and have learned a lot.

    Anna Mahavadi 

    My name is Anna. I have been a member of the garden club since 2005. Being in the garden club has not only continued my passion for gardening, but it has also continued my learning in the field. These past ten years in the garden club have provided me amazing memories and amazing friends. I wholeheartedly enjoy every minute I spend with the club and look forward to everything it holds for me in the future. My name is Anna. I have been a member of the garden club since 2005. Being in the garden club has not only continued my passion for gardening, but it has also continued my learning in the field. These past ten years in the garden club have provided me amazing memories and amazing friends. I wholeheartedly enjoy every minute I spend with the club and look forward to everything it holds for me in the future.